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We have been a Boxer-loving family since 1987. Our love for the breed began with our first boxer, Chesty. Purchased from a California pet store, Chesty was extremely intelligent and trained closely with military police dogs, becoming highly skilled in search and rescue.

After losing Chesty to cancer and knowing we didn't want to experience life without Boxers, we purchased a striking 8-month-old fawn male Boxer from Crossroad Boxers in California. We named him Bishop. Little did we realize that he would be the beginning of our kennel, Bishop's Boxers.

Bishop participated in many dog shows while we had time in graduate school, but then came four children and 16 years of active duty military life. Having the desire to have a puppy from Bishop and the determination to uphold and improve the standard of the Boxer breed, we bred Bishop and kept a puppy, Lady, from the litter in February of 2005. Lady produced two wonderful litters of puppies with Telstar Boxers. We continued our breeding program with Telstar Boxers and Eve, Lady’s daughter, until we retired from the military in 2016.

As we transitioned back into civilian life, we paused our breeding program for nearly five years and are pleased to introduce our two new Telstar females, Callie and Prancer. Our goal at Bishop’s Boxers is to be dedicated to breeding and raising healthy, beautiful dogs with affectionate temperaments and sound structure in accordance with the AKC Boxer breed standard. The health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family--and beyond--is critical to us. We utilize current recommended health tests before breeding to provide our puppies the best opportunity for a long, healthy life.

Our puppies are raised by our family with children and other dogs. They play an active and very important role in caring for, preparing, and socializing the puppies for their future families. As a result, the puppies leave our home with a clear advantage in adapting and transitioning to their new families.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Puppy Cam 3/14/16

Puppies at 7 Weeks!

We only have a week left with these sweet puppies. Do we get sad?  Yes--and no. Yes, because we will miss them; no, because we know they are going to be loved to death by their new forever families.  They are doing great and love to play outside.  Here are their 7 week photos.



Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Best. Day. Ever.

We couldn't pass up such a beautiful day to get the puppies outside and let the grass get between their toes.  Seriously, the best day ever for them. And it will be one of many! Of course, they completely crashed after playing for nearly an hour.  Here is a little glimspe, and some Easter photos...oh so cute!




Sunday, March 6, 2016

Puppies at 6 Weeks!

Growing, growing, growing!  These young pups are certainly having no issues with growing quickly. They are doing great.  We'll be taking them in for their first shots and check-up tomorrow.  Once we have some warm, dry weather, they will enjoy some outside time too. Here are their 6 week photos.

Pumbaa: Brindle Male
Sold to a loving home

Flynn: Fawn Male
Sold to a loving home

Darling: Fawn Female
Sold to a loving home

Friday, March 4, 2016

Puppy Cam 3/4/16

After a good night's sleep, the puppies are ready to go in the morning.  They are not used to all the sounds they might hear in your home.  Today, we used the cell phone for a little training. For the record, they were more scared of the iPhone sounds than Android (they all ran to the back of their box with the iPhone ringtones)!  So, remember when you bring them home, it will take them some time to get used to all the sounds around your home.

It was her first time holding a puppy on her lap. By her looks, she was pretty excited!

Flynn is a fawn male with nice white markings. He is available to go to a loving home in 2 weeks!  He reminds us a lot of his mom, Eve. Very patient, and a sweet personality. He'll make a perfect lap dog!

The three amigos:
(Left to right) Flynn, Darling, and Pumbaa

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Crate Training!

"Is crate training really necessary? Isn't it mean to leave them in a crate while we're away from home?"  Yes, it's absolutely necessary if you want sanity and a house that isn't completely destroyed by those oh-so-precious puppies.  It provides a safe home for them, and they actually like it!

This morning we brought out the small crate for the puppies.  It doesn't have a door on it, but allows them to go in and out as they please.  It is the first step in crate training for you!  Minutes later, look where all were sleeping!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Puppies at 5 Weeks!

Well, the puppies are growing by leaps and bounds this week. They love to eat! They still sleep an awful lot, but enjoy playtime more too.  Here are their new photos (sorry about the lighting--they turned out a little dark; I'll have to retake some in the morning). It's amazing to see how much they change in such a short time. We have one fawn male available to go to a loving home! He's adorable!

Pumbaa: Brindle Male
Flynn: Fawn Male
Captain Hook: Brindle Male
Because of his special needs with his cleft lip, he was placed early in a loving home.
He will need to be tube fed for the next few months before surgery.
We miss him already!
Darling: Fawn Female

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Puppies at 4 Weeks!

We've officially gotten into the really cute stage. The puppies are now 4 weeks old and doing very well.  They have moved into the large weaning box, which will give them more space to move, play, and grow.  This week, they started on puppy food (well, more like porridge...nothing like the smell of steaming dog food!), and are eating well.  Here are their 4 week photos:

Pumbaa: Brindle Male

Flynn: Fawn Male

Captain Hook: Brindle Male:
Captain Hook has a special need. He has a cleft lip, It  is only cosmetic, but can be corrected with surgery.  Please contact us for more information about him.  
Darling: Fawn Female: Sold to a loving home

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lap of Love

Look who all crawled up on her lap!  Cleaning up after the puppies has its incentives by getting kids puppy time. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Puppies at 3 Weeks!

The puppies have grown a lot this week. They are just starting to play with each other, and can hear now too! They will be able to go to their new home on March 19.  We have 2 boys available to go to loving homes. Please contact us for more information.

Pumbaa: Brindle Male

Flynn: Fawn Male

Captain Hook: Brindle Male

Darling: Fawn Female

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Puppies at 2 Weeks!

Peek-a-boo, I see you!  The puppies' eyes have opened over this week--not completely--but it's so nice to see them. They are all doing great and gaining weight.  Their ears should finish opening in the next few days.  We do have 2 males available to go to loving homes. Please email us at bishopsboxers@gmail.com for more information.

Pumbaa: Male Brindle
Flynn: Male Fawn
Captain Hook: Male Brindle
Darling: Female Fawn

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Perfect Little Handful

Nothing like a tiny sleeping puppy to fit perfectly in your hand!  Their eyes and ears are just opening up this morning.  All the boys weigh almost a pound today.  This is Pumbaa.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Puppy Cam 2/1/16

I couldn't help but take this cute video of the puppies trying their hardest to get up on their feet. They are little weeble wobbles!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Puppies at 1 Week!

The puppies are doing very well.  I haven't taken too many pictures this week because, well, they don't do much at this age. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, repeat... But don't worry; in the next couple weeks, they will change immensely.  This week, we will look forward to their eyes and ears opening.  Here are their 1 week old pictures, in birth order.  The kids helped me name them too.

Pumbaa (from The Lion King)
Brindle Male

Flynn (from Tangled)
Fawn Male 

Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) --Brindle Male
This special boy has a cleft lip, which is easily repaired with a little surgery.
He is going to be a big boy. Why the name? He has a perfectly shaped hook on his belly!

Darling (from Lady and the Tramp)
Fawn Female

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Puppy Cam 1/27/16

First footage taken this morning.  Sorry for the red light--it's the heat lamp to help keep them warm.

They had their visit vet visit last night to dock their tails and remove their dew claws.  The vet says they all have excellent sounding hearts.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Multitasking Mom

Puppies are doing well today!  Mom Eve won't leave their side, even to eat, so she gets room service delivered to her.  They go into the vet on Tuesday for their tail docking and dew claw removal.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

First Photos

Here are the first photos of this lovely litter. Mom and puppies are doing well.

Male Brindle
Male Fawn
Male Brindle (this little guy has a cleft lip, but it is just cosmetic and is easily fixed with surgery)
Female Fawn

Puppies Have Arrived!

Check back later for details and photos!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Keeping Mom Company

Eve made her way into the whelping box this morning, nesting a bit, which is a sign she is getting ready for her pending delivery. Of course, Latte, who is nearly inseparable from her mom Eve, had to be close by for moral support.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Litter Theme

With every litter, we (as a family) pick a theme for their kennel names (these are the names that we call them while at home with us, and are typically changed by the new families).  In the past, we've had Hawaiian, sodas, candy bars, Santa's reindeer (Christmas litter!), and people from the Bible.  In honor of our return to Southern California and visiting one of our favorite places here, the "Happiest Place On Earth," the family has decided this litter's names will be characters from Disney movies.  I bet you can probably guess a great name for a male white puppy.  Here is a clue: he has an orange nose, and wishes for summer! :)

One More Week...or Less!

Eve's litter is due this Sunday!  In the past, she has delivered both of her litters two days early, so I anticipate the puppies will make their debut Friday.  We have her whelping box ready to go.  She will give birth inside, and they will remain there until they are about 3-4 weeks old.

Friday, November 27, 2015

A New Litter for 2016!

It seems like our girls like to come in heat while we are in the middle of unpacking moving boxes.  This time, they both came in at the same time!  We have decided to only breed Eve this time around.  She had a rendezvous this week with Telstar's Strike Up the Band, commonly known as Sam.  Sam is a beautiful, 15 month-old, fawn male who shares the same father as Eve, Bandit.  We are anticipating successful breeding, with puppies arriving the week of January 24, 2016.  Puppies will be able to go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old.  Both Eve and Sam have clear Holter tests prior to breeding.  We expect fawn, brindle, and perhaps white puppies.

I have posted the pedigree for this litter below (scroll all the way down).  If you need more information, or are interested in a puppy, please contact us soon by emailing us at bishopsboxers@gmail.com, or calling 619-207-8224.

Telstar's Strike Up The Band (Sam)

Our first boxer Chesty. He wasn't the most beautiful boxer, but certainly well-loved!

Bishop at 9 months

Bishop about 1 year

Our last picture with Bishop (July 2008)