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We have been a Boxer-loving family since 1987. Our love for the breed began with our first boxer, Chesty. Purchased from a California pet store, Chesty was extremely intelligent and trained closely with military police dogs, becoming highly skilled in search and rescue.

After losing Chesty to cancer and knowing we didn't want to experience life without Boxers, we purchased a striking 8-month-old fawn male Boxer from Crossroad Boxers in California. We named him Bishop. Little did we realize that he would be the beginning of our kennel, Bishop's Boxers.

Bishop participated in many dog shows while we had time in graduate school, but then came four children and 16 years of active duty military life. Having the desire to have a puppy from Bishop and the determination to uphold and improve the standard of the Boxer breed, we bred Bishop and kept a puppy, Lady, from the litter in February of 2005. Lady produced two wonderful litters of puppies with Telstar Boxers. We continued our breeding program with Telstar Boxers and Eve, Lady’s daughter, until we retired from the military in 2016.

As we transitioned back into civilian life, we paused our breeding program for nearly five years and are pleased to introduce our two new Telstar females, Callie and Prancer. Our goal at Bishop’s Boxers is to be dedicated to breeding and raising healthy, beautiful dogs with affectionate temperaments and sound structure in accordance with the AKC Boxer breed standard. The health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family--and beyond--is critical to us. We utilize current recommended health tests before breeding to provide our puppies the best opportunity for a long, healthy life.

Our puppies are raised by our family with children and other dogs. They play an active and very important role in caring for, preparing, and socializing the puppies for their future families. As a result, the puppies leave our home with a clear advantage in adapting and transitioning to their new families.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Introducing Our New Boxer Puppy Litter

For each litter, our family picks a theme for the puppies' kennel names.  In the past, we have had Bible names, Santa's reindeer (they arrived on December 23), candies, and sodas.  This litter's theme is Hawaii.   In 2000, we began our Navy career at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.  Our oldest two children were born there, so we have many special memories of our years on Oahu.  Nothing beats the fresh pineapple, white sandy beaches, and daily rainbows in the sky. These names remind us of our time there.

Flashy Fawn Female
White Female
Dark Brindle Male with white collar around neck
White Check Female; both ears are black!

Dark Brindle Female
White Check Female; this is a special little girl. She has a cleft lip, which can be corrected with minor surgery. Otherwise, she is completely normal, is eating well, 
and will lead a normal boxer life.
Please contact us for more information, including a reduction of price. She is a cutie!
Dark Fawn Male  
Diamond Head:
Fawn Male with a diamond-like shape on his neck


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Our first boxer Chesty. He wasn't the most beautiful boxer, but certainly well-loved!

Bishop at 9 months

Bishop about 1 year

Our last picture with Bishop (July 2008)